• Company of the Day: Arena Outdoor

    Company: Arena Outdoor Advertising

    Markets: Nevada.

    Headquarters: 1380 US Highway 95A N, Suite 2-209, Fernley, NV  89408

    Phone: 775-835-4250

    Email: rk@arenaoa.com

    Arena Outdoor operates a billboard plant in Northern Nevada.  The company’s founder is Robert Kennerson.  The company is building signs in Nevada on I-80 between Reno and Winnemucca.  Insider talked with Kennerson about the business.

    Robert, how did you enter the out of home advertising business?

    About 15 years back while living in Hollywood, I saw a long-vacant 30-sheet sign on Sunset Blvd which I was interested to rent. I called the owner and and he wanted $5000/month. I don’t think he ever got it, but from that conversation I realized the billboard business must have very different economics than businesses I was familiar with. I started studying the industry, paying attention to the outstanding billboard ads and structures around SoCal, poring over the sign codes of local cities and counties, and researching whatever data I could find. Eventually I learned enough to get started and purchased my first billboard, a monopole in a town outside Las Vegas.

    What’s new since we talked last?

    We’ve developed some new locations over the past year, and currently have 39 active, static billboard faces.

    What are the challenges of operating a plant in the dessert?

    Our typical soil type here is ice cream, which tends to melt in the summer heat, causing pole foundations to shift and resulting in leaning structures which must then be propped up with giant churros. In addition, it’s a constant drag on our resources having to squeegee off the incessant raining down of toppings onto the display faces, particularly when the skies open up with caramel as it really sticks to the vinyls. Oh wait, you meant what are the challenges in the desert. Ah yes. We operate in a very low population, economically-challenged market, where the biggest challenge is getting business owners to try outdoor advertising for the first time. Once they do, they learn that investing in an outdoor campaign results in more customers, revenues, and profits. Advertising on billboards has contributed significantly to the success of our clients, which is proving beneficial not only to them but to renewed optimism in the community as a whole. Also, finding good tiramisu.

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