• Company of the Day – Allison Outdoor

    Company:  Allison Outdoor

    Markets: North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee.

    Headquarters: 35 Outdoor Drive, Sylva, NC  29779

    Phone:  828-586-2737

    Email: claude.allisonoutdoor@yahoo.com

    Allison Outdoor began in 1958 as a custom sign and billboard company.  Allison has grown to become the largest outdoor advertising company in Western North Carolina and North Georgia with 1,213 billboards.  The firm’s inventory includes bulletins, trivisions, posters,  juniors posters as well as 25 digital billboards.  Gary Ayers is the Company President.

    Allison Outdoor has been in the news this past year with the release of the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.  The movie was actually filmed in Sylva, NC and Allison built and posted the billboards for the movie which just missed out as Best Picture this past Sunday night.

    Insider caught up with Sales Manager Claude Dicks for a quick conversation.

    So are you glad that the Academy Awards are wrapped up for 2017?

    The amount of publicity that we got as well as the billboard industry as a whole has been great over the last few months.  We can’t wait for a sequel.  The bulk of the credit goes to Ken Klein and the folks at the OAAA.  They did a great job of showcasing the power and relevance of OOH through out the award season.

    Beyond the glamour of the bright lights of Hollywood, what’s been going on in your marketplace over the past year?

    We’ve been plugging away.  We are just starting our 2nd full year in the Tri-Cities, TN market and we are finally showing some consistency from a sales standpoint.  We joined the IBO in 2016.  That’s just an awesome group.  Since we joined the IBO we found out about Apparatix.  The Apparatix software has really been a game changer for us.

    North Carolina was in the regulatory news in 2017 with proposed state changes on cutting zones and just compensation.  Any impact for your business?

    So far we haven’t seen much impact.

    Anything new on the digital front for Allison Outdoor?

    Since we last talked we now have 25 Digital Billboards.  Twelve in the Tri-Cities and 13 in the WNC/N. GA Markets.  Another cool partnership we now have is working with Blip Billboards.  I was skeptical at first, but we’re starting to see nice additional revenue come in each month with very little effort on our end.

    And again, our condolences over the loss of Claude Williams in January of this year. 

    Thank you for that.  For the longest time he was the proverbial “Man Behind the Curtain.”  It’s our job now to remember everything he taught us.



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