• Clever Weather-Triggered Digital Campaign

    Lamar is running a clever ad campaign in Tuscaloosa, AL which combines a sense of humor with weather triggered ads.  Lamar Account Executive John James describes the ad:

    BankFirst Financial Services will be using their Digital Billboard in Tuscaloosa, AL to take advantage of all this rain we’re having with their “Rainy Day” iSpot. This is the future of OOH and continues to help our advertisers use surrounding environments to trigger their creative iSpot ads (i.e, Weather, Traffic, etc.) Our digital billboards will read these changing environments and play advertisers interactive ads accordingly. In this case, it’s raining outside so the digital board is triggered to play this “Rainy Day” BankFirst creative. The capabilities of Digital OOH continues to bring so much to the table for all of our customers to take advantage of. I want to give full credit to Mendi Robinson, AVP of Marketing and Creative Director at Lamar, Randy Fung the artist in Seattle for design, and the Lamar Advertising Company creative team for their brilliant ideas. I also want to thank and recognize Leon Manning, Director of Marketing & Training and BankFirst Financial Services for their continued business and for being open to this unique creative idea. hashtagmarketing hashtagadvertising hashtagdigitalOOH hashtagOOH hashtagoutdooradvertising This great “Rainy Day” creative can be seen on McFarland Blvd targeting 100,892 people every week.

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    1. Thank you Billboard Insider for featuring our campaign in Tuscaloosa!