• Chris Whitfield on “permanent extensions”

    By Chris Whitfield, Operations Manager, Lamar Advertising

    Allow your customers to use more of the actual ad space ! This is an example of what I like to call “permanent extensions” for billboards. I have built many of these in both Arizona and now Colorado. These sit approximately 6 ” in front of the actual billboard face and allow the installation crew to change the creative without removing the extension. This also allows for “permanent” branding of the customers ad(s) so that they may utilize the ENTIRE face of the billboard to advertise that months event(s), with no need to display the title of the actual establishment on the Ad. Other customers have used this “permanent” extension space for web addresses and phone numbers. What are your thoughts?

    Chris adds this comment in response to feedback he’s received:

    I am getting a bit of feedback from people not understanding what I meant in “permanent”. These extensions can be removed at ANY time .. however they do not need to be removed to install another creative copy onto the panel. This cuts install time in 1/2 in comparison to traditional extensions. Additionally if the client’s contract is for example a 12 month deal .. the extensions can be up for that entire time and then be removed ..

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