• Chicago Billboard Recognizes Vehicles

    Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.01.41 AMChevy Malibu is using the latest in digital technology on their new campaign. The Chicago Tribune has a terrific article about one of these digital signs on the Chicago tollway.  The promotion uses vehicle recognition technology to identify competing midsize sedans and instantly display ads aimed at their drivers.

    Great example of how data-based technology is finding its way into digital outdoor displays of all types, enabling advertisers to track, reach and target sell to consumers. Watching traffic 24/7, a camera mounted 1,000 feet ahead of the billboard scans for vehicle grilles. When it recognizes a Fusion, Camry or Altima, the billboard shifts from a generic Malibu ad to a competitor-specific one.

    Helma Larkin of Posterscope indicates that most people think the boards are really cool. “Consumers are much more attracted to an ad and are much more prone to take notice of it when it relates to them and the environment that they’re in as opposed to a blanket statement.”

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    Reagan Juggernaut - Billboard Insider

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