• Cemetery Looks To Install Billboards

    stock-photo-tombstones-in-cemetery-at-dusk-313803443With fewer people opting for a traditional burial and grave site, an Easton PA Cemetery is considering installing two digital billboards overlooking Cemetery Curve on Route 22.  The Morning Call reports that with more families opting for cremation, cemetery officials are looking at their options for raising money. Easton Cemetery Superintendent Jeff Mutchler earlier this week told the Zoning Hearing Board the cemetery could earn $72,000 per year if they are allowed to install two digital billboards.

    Located at the north end of Seventh Street, the Easton Cemetery opened in 1849 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

    The Cemetery superintendent was requesting a use variance from the board, but as it turns out the portion of cemetery property where the signs are proposed will need to be rezoned to allow a commercial use.

    Insider’s take: Think outside the box to find now billboard landlords.  Cemeteries, school districts, municipalities, convention center authorities and water authorities may be willing to consider a billboard lease in exchange for cash.


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    Newman Otr NM and Lindmark Otr - Billboard Insider

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