• Celine uses Mobile Billboards for New York Fashion Week

    By Emily Fritz, Marketing Manager, do it outdoors media

    Fashion brand Celine, which recently underwent a brand refresh under new creative director Hedi Slimane, wanted to dominate New York Fashion Week. Ahead of the new line’s debut, the brand looked to raise anticipation – and get fashionistas talking!

    In partnership with Project X Media, Celine’s out-of-home agency, do it outdoors media put six (6) mobile billboards into action. Running in tandem most days, these mobile billboards circled fashion districts, New York Fashion week venues and other high-traffic, luxury areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    By running together and aiming Celine’s message at a specific Fashion Week audience, these mobile billboards turned heads. The domination effect created a physical emotional reaction among viewers.

    The mobile billboards featured wrapped cabs to match the white ad creative precisely, beautiful artwork installed with the units’ best-in-class framing systems and well-maintained vehicles to drive the message perfectly.

    But what’s more, the out-of-home campaign became social media content.

    Celine posted a quick video of the mobile billboards to Instagram, which received 133K+ views. Other accounts, such as @ewport and @newyorkitgirls, also posted images and videos of the mobile billboards. Collectively, this out-of-home campaign generated social media buzz.

    The Celine campaign demonstrates in real life previous research by Nielsen. The Out-of-Home Online Activation Study from March 2017 showed that outdoor advertising is the best driver of online engagements per dollar spent.

    The study showed that of U.S. adults who have seen an outdoor ad:

    • 46% performed an online search
    • 38% took an action on Facebook
    • 23% took an action on Twitter
    • 25% took an action on Instagram

    As six mobile billboards rolled past Fashion Week attendees in New York, it sparked them to engage in an online conversation about the brand.

    It’s campaigns, like Celine’s, that remind us how powerful out-of-home media is at connecting and engaging with a brand’s audience.

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