• Burr Smith Tells Sixteen:Nine Why Broadsign Sued T-Rex

    Dave Haynes did a terrific interview with Broadsign CEO Burr Smith on the Sixteen:Nine Podcast.  T-Rex has been suing out of home advertising companies who use a computer to control digital billboards for patent infringement and last June 2016 Broadsign countersued to contest the patents.   At 15:30 of the podcast Smith explains why Broadsign decided to fight:

    “So sometimes what you have to do is, you have to say, look, as I see it this is the right thing to do…It may cost money but somebody’s got to do it…At the end of the day you’ve got to sit down, analyze the problem and go out with a solution…And if it takes a financial risk you do that.  And you try to convince people this is the right way to go.  And what happens is people say hmmm, I’ve never thought of it that way.  That makes sense.  And they either join you or they don’t join you.  And that’s going to be what happens with us.”

    Haynes asked Smith for an update on the T-Rex lawsuit and Smith said this:

    “We filed a declaratory judgement action in New York…That was because they’d filed all these suits but nobody ever knew what they were claiming.  And everybody was all settling.  And they never really got to the stage of discovery where anybody could say what they were trying to assert.  So we needed to file that in order to get some sort of an idea on what they were trying to assert.  And then we filed three different contests of three different patents…and they were filing a series in August and September of last year at two week intervals.   The responses have just been coming back…My judgement is that action was the right thing to do for the industry at the time.”

    Insider’s take:  The case is still waiting trial.  Kudos to Broadsign for showing leadership.  Insider hopes Broadsign wins big.

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