• Brett Kelley on Colorado Billboard Pricing

    In a Colorado Sign Association interview last Saturday Insider told the Colorado on premise sign people:  “In general billboard advertising costs $1,000-5,000/month for a 14 by 48 billboard. A billboard in a terrific freeway location without many boards near may be $5,000. The average is probably $1,500.”

    Colorado out of home sales rep Brett Kelley

    Brett Kelley is a Billboard Insider reader with 10 years of out of home sales and real estate experience in Colorado.   Insider asked Kelly for his thoughts on Colorado out of home advertising pricing:

    “$1,500/4 weeks for an average 14’x48′ billboard in Colorado!?!  Wow.  I think that is a lot too low.  I would venture to say that most 14’x48′ billboards in Denver average around $3000-4,000/4 weeks.  I know of many corridors in Denver that are well over $5,000 and approach or exceed $10,000.  $1,500 might be more accurate in rural areas or on heavily saturated secondary corridors in Denver (or in a lesser desired part of town).  Prices are higher in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction, Longmont, etc.  East of DIA where it seems almost like Kansas (low population and development, very farmy) they are $1500+ and there are a ton of them.”

    Insider’s take: Kelly’s comments remind Insider that every market is different.  Generalizations can get you in trouble.  Local knowledge is crucial.  All the rules are off for premium boards in premium locations.

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