• Bowman-Henderson: 3.5 million people a year google “How do I buy a billboard in.”

    At last week’s OAAA 2019 convention Insider talked with DoMedia’s Ian Bowman-Henderson about the out of home trading platform’s activities.

    Ian Bowman-Henderson, DoMedia

    What does DoMedia do?

    DoMedia is the largest platform in the world for buying and selling out of home advertising.  About 30% of the agency dollars are going through our demand side platform.  We’ve got more than 1 million assets from 1,400 vendors on the supply side.  We have the largest database of US out of home assets.  We’re taking that internationally.  We’re expanding rapidly in Canada.  The Canadian Outdoor marketing and measurement bureau selected us to build the Canadian national buying and selling standards.

    Talk about the first time advertiser that’s starting to come to DoMedia

    Last year we launched our website Billboardsin.com which is targeted at small businesses.  It takes our demand side platform and boils it down to a couple easy to answer questions.  Where do you want to be and when and how much do you want to spend.  With that we get you options for every available out of home asset in your location.  You can see photos, pay with a credit card, upload your artwork for static and digital billboards, mobile advertising, transit advertising, movie theaters and several other formats.  It’s growing like crazy.  3.5 million people a year are googling “how do I buy a billboard in…”

    We need to make it possible for people to buy a billboard without getting on the phone.  I can buy a self-driving car on the internet.  I should be able to buy a billboard on the internet.

    Can an independent out of home company use your system

    Of course.  It’s free to sign up and list your inventory on DoMedia.  We need latitude and longitude to make your assets compatible with our other assets.

    Do I need Geopath impressions data?

    You do not although we like it when you have it.   For people that don’t have that we use census data to help the buyer make an educated choice.

    Who sets the price?

    The seller.  We think it’s important to keep sellers in charge of their inventory.  If we were to aggregate demand and then insist that sellers meet our price it would start to look like arbitrage and that’s not how we think this industry grows.  There’s a business play for transparency and access and creating walls and barriers is what’s held this industry back.

    This market is not at equilibrium.  There’s a huge amount of unmet demand.  There’s relatively slow growth and there’s a lack of utilization.

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