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    This article is courtesy of Marstudio, Inc., a Brand Strategy Firm & Creative Marketing Agency with diverse capabilities in print design, web design and development, multimedia, and a plethora of other creative disciplines.  You can see the original post here.

    When WTOP came to Marstudio again in search of a bold and effective bus tail advertising campaign that would incorporate their new logo, we knew we had our chance to impact the advertising world with short, smart, and to-the-point messaging. Upon heavy reflection on bus advertising to date, Marstudio realized that other bus ads we encountered were text and messaging heavy and without innovation. The question always remained, that if these are supposed to be transient, how could someone possibly read all of that information, plus absorb the concept and register the call-to-action, before the bus is gone?
    Marstudio led by example and created an eye-catching design that emphasizes the traffic news angle and compels drivers to tune into WTOP.



    By presenting the new WTOP logo alongside the traffic messaging, Marstudio successfully created catchy, simple, and succinct messaging, and a call-to-action that allows motorists the time to grasp the concept while encouraging them tune in on the road.
    Be sure to keep a look out for our handiwork passing by on the DC roads!

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