• Boidman on Privacy, Autonomous Cars and Alternative Out of Home

    This week Insider talked with PJ Solomon investment banker Mark Boidman about his recently published book Times Square Everywhere.  Boidman argues that out of home will thrive in the future because it’s the only form of media which has a friend in technology.

    Do recent events (facebook data issues, the implementation of GDPR privacy standards) negatively impact the ability of out of home to use data to target ads?

    Our sense it that anything around data is near term noise. Everybody is focused on Facebook but we know that everybody uses data.  Data is important for out of home and the out of home media operators are spending money and time to aggregate data to show attribution.  That’s what’s been missing for out of home.   What will the world be ok with?  Data which you trade for a benefit and data which is anonymous.

    Your book Times Square Everywhere talks about out of home and the future but there’s no mention of autonomous cars.  How might autonomous cars impact out of home?

    There are different viewpoints.  We don’t think it will be an issue.  Our overall feeling is that it’s not a near-term issue…it’s 25+ years before you see material acceptance of autonomous vehicles.

     Chart Source: PJ Solomon Media Monthly April 2018

    You point out that the industry has expanded well beyond classic billboards and street furniture to transit, point of care networks, health clubs, grocery stores and hotels.  These markets have been growing faster than out of home but are they more risky due to one of the kind business models and the last-in, first-out mentality of ad dollars in a recession?

    I think historically this is right but that’s changed now with mobile.  As other media’s audiences fragment (as we describe in Times Square Everywhere), advertisers still want to reach mass audiences and consumers with video.  Advertisers still believe video is a powerful too.

    Data is helping establish credibility of the digital placed based providers.  One of our favorite areas within digital out of home media is point of care.  In doctor offices and hospitals you’re able to measure prescription lift.  It’s the same with grocery stores using shopper scanner data.  You can link an ad to increased sales.

    There’s a point of care summit on May 10 in NYC.  A lot of the OOH community will be at it.  The industry is investing in standards to audit networks and performance to enhance the trust and credibility associated with out of home media and specifically point of care.




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