• Boidman Makes the Case for Out of Home

    PJ Solomon investment banker Mark Boidman made the case for out of home while appearing on Bloomberg Daybreak last week.  Here’s the interview:

    “Disney banned Netflix from advertising on their properties…the opportunity is to continue to diversify into other out of home media channels, and out of home media is one of our favorite channels.  That’s the opportunity to reach consumers on the go…it’s billboards, it’s screens in taxis, it’s airports, it’s an incredible opportunity to reach a consumer who’s got a cell phone in their hand, on the go, they’re in purchase mode…It’s very hard to aggregate an audience today.  You have so much media today…How do you break through that clutter.  Out of home is the perfect channel to do that.  And the reason for that is because you stand out.  Large format billboards – they stand out.  In fact Netflix – one of the largest out of home advertisers – they overspend relative to the average company.”

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    One Comment

    1. Katie Nickerson says:

      This is the perfect description for Account Executives to explain how to break through the clutter. OOH is the perfect channel to do that!

      Great interview Mark Boidman!