• Blip Hires Fleischer and Launches Blip Canada

    Daniel Fleischer, General Manager, Blip Canada

    October 4, Montreal, Canada – Blip, North America’s most successful self-serve, pay-per-blip digital billboard advertising marketplace, today announced the official launch of Blip Canada as part of its international expansion strategy. Daniel Fleischer, former Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Ayuda Media Systems, joins as General Manager of Blip Canada, and Vice President of Publisher Marketing internationally.

    Daniel started his career in Out-of-Home advertising technology at BroadSign over a decade ago. Daniel then internationalized Ayuda over the past 8 years in his dual role as VP Business Development and Marketing, culminating in Ayuda’s recent acquisition by BroadSign. Daniel’s history of accelerating what are now globally renowned OOH technology giants continues, as Blip revolutionizes the way digital billboards are transacted. Daniel will be leveraging his global industry knowledge, contacts, and passion for democratizing the OOH space to materially assist Blip’s international growth story.

    In only 2 years, Blip has demonstrated a singularly effective SMB demand generation model by providing 100,000 small businesses with easy online access to what is now more than 1100 high profile roadside digital billboards in the United States.  By removing temporal and budgetary commitments from the transaction via a consumer-friendly user experience, Blip has in many cases increased digital OOH sign operator revenues by more than 15%. These incremental revenues are generated from previously untapped SMB demand sources.

    James Munnerlyn, President and Co-founder of Blip, enthusiastically shares: “I’m thrilled to add Daniel’s immutable energy and passion for OOH to our leadership team. Adding Daniel’s global OOH pedigree and drive to immediately share Blip’s value with the Canadian OOH market further demonstrates our commitment to raising the tide for the international OOH community.”

    On joining the company, Daniel shares:“Blip is the only programmatic demand marketplace I’ve encountered that can truthfully boast 0% cannibalization from existing buying sources. Blip is revolutionary, and is what the industry badly needs. Joining Blip allows me to continue doing what I love – working with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, to bring unparalleled value to the OOH community that I am committed to servicing.”

    Fleischer continues: “Over the past decade, I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know hundreds of OOH media companies internationally, and I can’t think of a single DOOH operator whose business wouldn’t experience material growth in partnership with Blip. We’re going to help sign owners across the world make more money from previously inaccessible audience segments, and in doing so, keep elevating the value of OOH in the omnichannel media mix.”

    About Blip

    Blip brings the power of billboard advertising to the masses. As the first self-serve, pay-per-blip digital billboard marketplace, Blip bridges the gap for small business advertisers, bringing a whole new segment of buyers to digital out-of-home advertising. Blip is on track to make out-of-home a part of the standard canon of advertising for companies of all sizes.  For more information about Blip, visit www.blipbillboards.com

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