• Blanning Acquires Mooreland Tennessee Billboards

    Chattanooga, Tennessee— December 5, 2018 , Blanning Company, LLC announces the acquisition of all the Mooreland Sign’s Billboard locations in Tennessee.

    “This this is our fifth acquisition this year and adds some very powerful Interstate locations on I-40 near Cookeville and I-75 in Chattanooga as well some great community locations. Blanning’s advertising reach has increased its foot print by more than 8,000,000 people per month,” said Keith Blanning Howell, Managing Member at Blanning Company, LLC.

    Positive Customer Impact

    We inherited some great customers from Mooreland: Pilot, Dunkin Donuts, and BMW of Chattanooga. We have also added some new customers Crown Automotive Group and Burns Tobacconist. We have converted three faces to digital on the two Chattanooga locations we own one of these locations is truly special! It is so good that it is our option that it is the best digital location in Chattanooga! Still further we named the sign and it has its own website https://thechattanoogasign.com. The digital conversions have allowed us to make a campaign of ads for different costumers and to change art quickly for event and specials.

    Our BMW partner had a customer do a special build for the New X5. So, we wanted to make the delivery even better so we put Michael and his new ride up on the digital which is in the parking lot of the dealership.

    Burns Tobacconist wanted to get the word out about a big event at their downtown location so we got an ad running for their event.

    Blanning Company, LLC has over 161 locations in Tennessee and Mississippi.

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