• Billboard Insider’s 2018 Out of Home Lender List


    Here is Billboard Insider’s list of lenders to out of home companies.  We compiled the list after reviewing public company filings and talking with investment bankers and out of home executives.

    Most of the lenders on the list only make large loans ($15 million and more).

    Landmark Capital makes loans of $1 million and more nationwide.  Insider thinks there’s a middle market funding opportunity for out of home loans of $1-15 million.  A number of lenders who occupied this niche have gone up market or ceased out of home lending due to corporate reorgs.

    Three lenders (Billboard Loans, Geneva Capital, Landmark and Stark Capital) make small out of home loans of $1 million and less nationwide

    Many regional and community banks will make out of home loans on a case by case basis, often on the strength of their ties to an out of home company owner and the owner’s credit-worthiness.  They may limit loans geographically.

    Bank Website Lending Clients and Criteria
    Amalgamated www.amalgamatedbank.com Lamar
    Banco de Sabadell www.grupobancosabadell.com Lamar
    Bancorp South www.bancorpsouth.com Lamar
    Bank of America www.bankofamerica.com Lamar and Outfront
    Bank of Nova Scotia www.scotiabank.com Lamar
    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi www.bk.mufg.jp/global Outfront
    Billboard Loans www.billboardloans.com Small Loans of $1 million and less.
    Capital Bank www.capitalbank-us.com Lamar
    Capital One www.capitalone.com Lamar.  Target hold $50-150 million.  Technology, media and telecom group.
    Chystal Financial www.crystalfinco.com Standard Outdoor.  Seeks loans of $10 million and up
    Citibank www.citigroup.com Clear Channel Outdoor
    Comvest Partners www.comvest.com Big Outdoor
    Crescom Bank www.haveanicebank.com Grey Outdoor.  Regional bank making small loans in SC and NC
    Crestline Specialty Finance www.crestlineinvestors.com B Media Group.  Seeks loans of $15 million and more.
    CTBC www.ctbcbankusa.com Lamar
    Credit Suisse www.creditsuisse.com Clear Channel Outdoor
    Deutsche Bank www.db.com Outfront, Clear Channel Outdoor
    First Hawaiian www.fhb.com Lamar
    First Security Bank www.fsbank.com Ashby St Outdoor.  Regional bank headquartered in Arkansas.
    Geneva Capital www.gogc.com Small leases for digital billboards
    Goldman Sachs www.goldmansachs.com Outfront
    JP Morgan www.jpmorgan.com Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel Outdoor  Has media and entertainment group.
    KeyBank www.key.com Yesco
    Landmark Infrastructure www.landmarkmlp.com Small loans
    Liberty www.liberty-bank.com Lamar
    Mizuho www.mizuhobank.com Lamar, Outfront
    Monroe Capital www.monroecap.com Has media team.  Seeks out of home loans with EBIDTA of $3 million+
    Morgan Stanley www.morganstanley.com Lamar, Outfront
    Newtek www.newtekone.com Busby Companies.  Makes loans of $10,000 to $10 million.
    Regions www.regions.com Lamar
    Sumitomo Mitsue www.smbcgroup.com Lamar, Outfront
    Stark Capital Solutions www.starkcapitalsolutions.com small loans of $1 million and less.
    SunTrust www.suntrust.com Lamar
    Synovus www.synovus.com Lamar
    United Bank www.bankwithunited.com Lamar
    US Bank www.usbank.com Lamar, Outfront, Reagan.  Has Telecom and Media group
    Wells Fargo www.wellsfargo.com Lamar, Outfront.  Has tech, media and telecom group.
    Whitney www.hancockwhitney.com Lamar.  Regional bank in Louisiana


    Want to add an out of home lender to the list?  Contact Insider using the form below.

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