• Billboard Insider Podcast Episodes

    Here is a list of the Billboard Insider Podcast episodes.  You can listen to each episode by clicking on the links below or by using apple podcasts, android, google podcasts, stitcher, tunein or spotify.

    Episode 5 – Geopath’s Kym Frank discusses mistakes which other media channels have made, Geopath’s measurements upgrade, autonomous cars, privacy, the death of ad agencies, hyper-targeting and subways.

    Episode 4 – Out of Home Creative’s Melody Roberts discusses the principles of good out of home design, common design mistakes and how and when to use a designer.

    Episode 3 – OAAA CEO Nancy Fletcher reviews her 40 year out of home career, OAAA accomplishments, the Thomas case, women in OOH and mentors.

    Episode 2 – IBOUSA General Manager Chris Cowlbeck discusses the Media Ratings Council what independent out of home operators should do to thrive and whether we’ll have a recession.

    Episode 1 – Billboard Loans Partner John Weller discusses the out of home lending market, where we are in the lending cycle, mistakes borrowers make when dealing with lenders and what he thinks of the leverage of Lamar, Outfront and Clear Channel Outdoor.

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