• Billboard Insider Classifieds – May 5, 2018

    “Got several calls and sold the trivisions to the first one.” Billboard Insider Classified customer Michael Grace, Ace Outdoor.

    Billboards for sale ads cost $120 paid in advance by credit card.  All other classifieds cost $60 for 60 days or $120 per year paid in advance by credit card.

    To place your classified Click Here.


    Signvalue appraises billboards.

    Art and Creative

    Billboards, Etc designs and prints billboard ads.

    Out of Home Creative designs billboard ads.

    Blue Sky Digital Printing designs billboard ads.

    Greg Callaham designs billboard ads.

    Billboard Structures

    universal flex frame patent is available for $1.2 million.

    Media Resources, Inc manufactures and installs billboard structures.

    Pro Electric Services fabricates and installs billboards.

    SignSpring makes an ingenious spring system to simplify vinyl installs.

    Formetco sells billboard installation hardware and safety equipment.

    RMG Outdoor designs, fabricates and installs billboard structures.

    Billboards For Rent

    Adquick has an automated system for listing and selling billboard space.

    National Outdoor sells billboard space nationwide.

    Billboards For Sale

    18 billboard structures structures together with 8 easements and 10 leases are for sale in the Quad Cities of Illinois/Iowa for $525,000

    A digital billboard is for sale in Philadelphia/South Jersey.

    A Digital billboard in Sherman Texas is for sale for $175,000.

    6 billboard faces in Central PA are for sale for $145,000.

    A two sided Clear Lake Iowa billboard is for sale for $150,000.

    Digital Billboards

    Panasonic sells digital billboards.

    Outdoor Digital Display Management provides scheduling and technical management for digital billboards.

    Lightking sells digital billboards.

    Media Resources sells digital billboards.

    Daktronics sells digital billboards.

    Formetco sells digital billboards.

    Anthem Displays sell digital billboards.

    Easements, Leases and Permits

    8 easments and 10 leases together with billboard structures are for sale in the Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois.

    Sulphur Springs Texas digital billboard permit is for sale.

    Landmark Dividend is selling 20 billboard leases with perpetual easements.


    Three Peerless Xtreme 55″ screens are for sale for $10,000 or one for $3,995.


    The Geopath OAAA GO2018 Out of Home Media Conference and Expo is May 7-9, 2018


    Billboard Loans makes loans of $50,000 to $2 million to out of home advertising companies.


    Bassler and Co provides billboard insurance nationwide.

    Job Openings

    Missouri Neon seeks a Journeyman Billboard Installer in Southwest Missouri.

    Yesco seeks a regional account manager in Casper Wyoming.

    Lighking is seaching for Territory Sales Managers.

    Link Media seeks a billboard sales rep in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an account rep in Tampa Florida and a billboard sales rep in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Independent Outdoor Network seeks billboard developers, acquisition opportunities and joint venture partners.

    A locally owned billboard company seeks a real estate manager.

    Lighting and Electrical

    brightlightsled.com sells high efficiency billboard lights.

    Outdoorlink has an installation services division which installs high efficiency lights and provides electrical work.

    Pro Electric Service does lighting and electrical work.

    Formetco sells billboard lighting products.

    Management Services

    Burelz Billboards provides acquisition and management consulting services to out of home companies.

    Outdoor Digital Display Management provides scheduling and technical management for digital billboards.


    Autonomous Power Solutions designs and installs solar power billboards.


    Billboard Alerts provides web based software which mails availability notices to businesses located near your vacant billboards.

    Outdoor Digital Display Management provides scheduling and technical management for digital billboards.


    Metromedia Technologies prints vinyl.

    OAI Visual Branding prints vinyl and graphics.

    Independent’s Service Corporation prints vinyl.

    Billboards Etc prints vinyl.

    Blue Sky Digital Printing prints vinyl.

    Circle Graphics prints vinyl

    Media Resources prints vinyl.

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