• Bill would allow more billboards in downtown LA.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.47.03 PMABC7 reports that Assemblyman Miguel Santiago has introduced a bill in the City Assembly to open the door for more signs in Los Angeles.

    The signs would be permitted in an area running a few blocks east of the 110 freeway and west of Figueroa Street stretching from the 10 Freeway up to Wilshire Boulevard.

    Santiago favors billboard development as a revenue generating tool.

    The Ban Billboard Blight coalition is opposing the boards on the grounds that they will distract drivers will make downtown LA look like Times Square.

    Insider’s take: See Ken Klein’s article yesterday about the recent Australia study which found that digital billboards are not distracting.  Billboards can assist economic development.  What’s not to like about Clear Channel’s proposed wallscapes for the Sunset Strip or Ace Outdoor’s sign redesigns on the Sunset Strip?  Who’s complaining about the Nashville Sign or the Baltimore Art Sign?

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