• Bethlehem Denies Adams Digital


    Proposed site for digital billboard which was denied.

    Lehigh Valley Live reports that the Bethlehem Zoning Board turned down a request by Adams Outdoor for 4 variances to construct a 616 square foot digital billboard at 213 Union Station Plaza along the Hill to Hill Bridge.  Adams already owns a billboard on city property on the other side of the bridge.  Adams requested the following variances:

    • 40′ height above roadway versus code of 25′
    • 82′ separation from residential district versus code of 300′
    • 566′ separation from another off premises digital sign versus code of 1,000
    • 616 square foot sign versus code of 100 square foot.

    You can read the supporting documents for Adams request here.  Adams hasn’t said whether it will take court action.

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