Bash Hamis on Media Resources’ award winning 3D billboard design and how digital billboard sales are recovering from covid

Bashir Hamis, Media Resources

Media Resources the digital billboard manufacturer, installer, 3D fabricator and large format printer  has appointed Bashir Hamis to head up the quoting and front end marketing teams.  Hamis gave Insider an update on what’s new at the company. 

Bash, how did you get into out of home?

I went to University for economics…one of my roommates, his father was one of four co-owners of Media Resources, so that summer I started working in installation.  I then worked for three summers straight and loved it. As soon as I graduated University, they asked if I’d wanted to come into the office to become a project manager. Although prior to becoming this new project manager, they provided me with a series of different roles throughout the carious liens of business, Print, 3D, LED and Installation, which allowed me to really learn all aspects of the business. I’m really thankful for the opportunity which has given me immense experience in such a short time, in a really caring work environment.

Media Resources recently won a best in show award for a 3D installation for Reeses Pieces

We get a lot of these types of projects through  our large billboard customers. .  They’re very creative…A lot of the time they come up with a concept that they’re aiming for and then our team goes to the drawing boards to see what we can do in terms of what materials we’re going to use, what processes, how we’re going to install it… We really love this part of the business. Over the years, we’ve done hundreds of designs for all sies of billboards. I think our largest 3D unit was over 45’ long. Our 3D team is one of the most talented group of people I have ever seen, truly impressive.

As soon as we get the design we put together our renderings, send it back, get all or our approvals. Then we start carving the foam.  The design was 3D Reeses pieces, to make it look like they’re popping out of the billboard.  Some were half eaten…The big piece would probably weigh around 1,500 pounds. In some cases that require higher detail, we’ll look to our large format 3D printing machine.    We design not only 3D elements but also consider how each piece will be installed.

What’s new with your digital sign manufacturing.

One of the great things about the leadership team at Media Resources is they look at covid as an opportunity to really invest and drive some strategic initiatives for the future.  We are investing heavily in our module manufacturing facilities, have developed new indoor and outdoor fine pixel pitch technologies  that will change the way signage is done in applications such as transit shelters, airports, and outdoor malls.  We have some products under NDA for digital posters taht will get them approved in many more locations.  And to top it off the company is this monty implementing a new global ERP system that allows us more efficient manufacturing operations.  It’s been an exciting time!

How are digital billboard sales doing?

Well, it has been interesting.  When COVID stated all our major customers stopped buying and many customers indicated to the public markets they would only do emergency capital for the balance of 2020.  So it was scary times at the start.  Interestingly when they stopped we saw a delayed but large spike in sales from the independent billboard operators and now looking at Q4 we will be operating at pre-covid levels.  With this and our large customers indicating they will be back in early 2021 we are pretty excited about how next year is shaping up.


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