• Bartow County, GA updating sign code.

    The Daily Tribune News reports that Bartow County, Georgia is considering an amendment to the County’s sign ordinance to:

    • prohibit variances which increase the maximum area of signs
    • increase the maximum number of billboards.
    • prohibit new billboards or the conversion of an existing sign to digital

    The county, however, is also studying a long term approach which would permit a billboard company to convert a static billboard to digital if it agrees to take down three or four faces.

    Insider’s take: If the county’s objective is to reduce billboards then permitting digital billboard conversions with a 2-4 face takedown is the way to go, not a moratorium which will probably lead to a legal challenge.  Nice to see a County commissioner realize that digital billboards can be more attractive than static billboards: they don’t get faded, the graphics stay sharp…”

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