• Autonomous Car Update August 8

    Could autonomous cars increase transit use and transit advertising? MIT technology review has a short piece highlighting how Waymo is partnering with the Phoenix area regional transit authority to get people to buses and trains.

    Insider’s take: This is good news for transit advertising companies if it helps boost ridership.  US transit systems could use a boost.  US transit ridership fell 2% in 2017.  Ridership is falling in 31 of 35 US transit markets.

    Techwire Asia has a piece called “Advertising on the road without billboards.”  The article talks about Waze’s efforts to integrate mini “virtual billboards” on a GPS map to target drivers using GPS.

    Insider’s take: This could be another new form of competition for ad dollars.  This gives some urgency to the efforts of the big three to develop ways to link out of home advertising with phones.

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