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    Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.19.14 AMInsider caught up with a very busy John James of Apparatix for an interview.

    John, tell us a little about Apparatix?

    Apparatix provides comprehensive solutions for out of home billboard operators.  Our modules for proposals, offers, contracts, posting instructions, proof of performance, work orders, billing, lease management, accounting and management reporting all work seamlessly together for the greatest efficiency and accuracy.

    What makes Apparatix unique from other providers?

    Apparatix is unique from other providers in three significant ways.

    First, our primary focus is on customer service, and our software is a natural representation and outgrowth of this focus.  The traditional industry model emphasizes software with customer service being optional.  This older approach often results in aging software technology and neglected customer service.  Our customer service approach ensures we stay aligned with business needs and industry changes.

    Second, our solution is 100% cloud based.  This means there is no hardware for our clients to support, and all job functions can be performed anywhere an Internet connection is available.

    Third, our software provides a single integrated platform that ties seamlessly to your accounting system.  There is only one system to learn.  There is one place to get results.

    How many users do you currently have?

    Since our launch almost two years ago, Apparatix has experienced steady growth.  We are approaching 1,000 system users in the US.  Our smallest billboard operators have as few as 50 faces.  Our larger operators have over 10,000.

    Does it integrate easily with the Quickbooks accounting system?

    Apparatix has seamless integration with QuickBooks which eliminates nearly all effort associated with billing process.  Integration with other accounting systems is also available.

    How much time and work would an initial installation entail?

    Installation time frames vary depending on size of company and systems in use prior to adopting Apparatix.  A typical billboard operator can be implemented in 3-6 weeks including training.

    Where does the name Apparatix come from?

    Apparatix is derived from the word apparatus.  It is a constant reminder that business success is not about any one thing but the entire business.  This includes people, business, systems, customers, and marketplace.

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