• Andrea Messimer Henley on Entering Out of Home and Being Nice to Installers

    Adomni Sr Director of Sales Andrea Messimer Henley appeared on the Financially Speaking podcast in June.  Some of the highlights.

    On Adomni’s business model:

    What we’re doing at Adomni is offering sort of an MLS-list-your-billboard-inventory so its affordable, it’s easy to buy and it’s all in one platform…

    On entering the out of home business

    I sold a copier to a company named Adams Outdoor in Michigan…I had to go through the features and benefits.  They said we loved your presentation, when are you going to come work for us…So I said OK…

    Digital billboards have room to grow

    In the US there’s about 400,000 static billboards and digital represents 2% (8,000).

    On being nice to installers

    I would go out on the site and watch them install…because I wanted to understand the entire business and I would take them water or coffee depending on whatever the season was.  Because of that my billboards would go up first.

    On women in OOH

    I wish there were more women interested in it.  It’s a great industry.  It’s been rewarding for me…

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