• An Update on Privacy and OOH

    Here is an update on privacy issues, based on the OAAA-sponsored meeting of industry attorneys in New York on June 6 and the annual privacy summit sponsored by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) in Washington, DC, on June 5-6.

    State Activity

    An unprecedented number of states have considered pro-privacy legislation and regulation. The pioneer in privacy law is California; its law takes effect January 1, 2020.

    The tech and advertising industries favor a federal (national) standard on privacy, rather than a patchwork of state regulation.

    Ironically, the spate of state legislative activity was (in part) a response to the lack of federal action as consumers clamored for privacy protection.

    Online Ads

    Since 2010, online ads have featured a blue icon to enable consumers to opt out of advertising.  The Ad Choices icon was developed by the online-ad industry self-regulatory group Digital Advertising Alliance.

    In response to fake online political ads, DAA is introducing a new purple icon that provides information about the sponsors of political ads.

    Advice from OOH Experts

    • Know the data you have
    • If you acquire data from third parties, perform due diligence regarding their claims that data complies with privacy rules (have healthy skepticism)
    • Reforms intended to protect privacy will not injure or kill the OOH industry, which uses data to help match ad messages to audiences


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