• Alex Shunnarah and Out of Home

    Insider sees Alex Shunnarah billboards whenever he visits Georgia, Alabama and Florida.  Shunnarah is a personal injury attorney whose firm is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

    Shunnarah uses outdoor because they work.  He partners with ad agencies and pr firms to direct spending. AL.com reports that Shunnarah has his face on 2,000 billboards which spark up to 1,500 calls every Monday to his offices.

    He also attributes disciplined spending on marketing as critical to his success.  In Bell Media’s  “Three ways Alexander Shunnarah became a marketing phenom Shunnarah says 10% of revenue is a good number to spend on marketing.  How many of your clients spent 10% of revenue on marketing?

    Insider’s take: Attorneys like Shunnarah who buy lots of billboards will demand a steep discount (50-70% of the market rate).  This is partly offset by the fact that they are less choosy about location and are willing to be preempted.  Personal injury attorneys great way to keep your boards occupied while you you look for a higher value client.

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