• Aldermen Oppose Legal New Haven Digital Sign

    Site where digital sign has been erected in New Haven, CT.  This picture was taken before the sign was erected.


    The New Haven Register reports two New Haven aldermen are opposing a digital billboard which has been legally erected at 1057 Whalley Avenue and Emerson Street.  the 10 by 23 foot digital billboard has been erected legally by Advertex, a company owned by Alex Churilov.  Alderman Richard Furlow, D-27,  is threatening a boycott of the market which owns the land the sign is on.  Advertex, the sign’s owner contends it is providing a service for small businesses.

    Insider’s take:  Alderman Furlow says that the sign code “doesn’t serve any real purpose.  He can advertise whatever he wants there.  That doesn’t serve our community.”  Welcome to the first amendment pal.  Can you imagine the chilling effect of having local committees parse the content of every sign in the country to “make sure it serves our community”.

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