• Adrian Cotterill on 3 hot topics for the OOH industry.

    Adrian J Cotterill is Editor-in-Chief  of DailyDOOH  a trusted resource in the digital signage and digital out of home industries.  As Co-Founder of the Ministry of New Media, he is also one half of the driving force behind both London Digital Signage Week and New York Digital Signage Week, the latter of which took place last week and included the DailyDOOH Investor Conference.  Insider debriefed with Cotterill after this week.

    Adrian, how did you get involved with the out of home industry?

    I came into out of home by way of digital signage technology. During the dot com boom I was employed as an Interim Chief Technology Officer by a UK company distributing background music to the retail and hospitality sector.  As we worked to deliver that online, rather than the shipping of actual CDs, we soon added a display to the offering for video and with that it was a simple and obvious step to throw in display advertising.

    What are three takeaways from the just concluded DailyDOOH Investor Conference.

    • The wider OOH industry looks at what happens in New York (and London) in order to learn.  A quarter of the attendees to the DailyDOOH Investor Conference were international, with at least a dozen from Central and Latin America.
    • Private Equity is incredibly interested in this sector.  Almost a third of our attendees were investors of some sort.
    • For a long while, programmatic buying was difficult to present at a conference, with so many different meanings and misunderstandings as to what it represented.  Today the benefit of ADtech is much more understood and there is a great demand for case studies on how it can be best utilised in the out of home space.
    What are the three biggest issues that you think people in the industry will be talking about next year.
    • The major out of home media owners all seem to think they have a secret sauce and can go it alone with building their own industry exchange. We will quickly realise we have too many and I believe it will affect what our advertisers think is the common currency for OOH.
    • With strong sales, a great brand and clever acquisitions, JCDecaux are truly global, except for missing a large presence in North America.  Rumors will continue to circulate as to how they will address this (one or more companies will be acquired).
    • More ADtech giants (like MediaMath) will see the potential of OOH and with it, bring more new money and new brands into OOH advertising

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