• Adquick.com Offers Tech-Forward Way to Buy Outdoor

    adquick_logo_colorNov 16, 2016 — Los Angeles, Calif. — AdQuick, a marketplace for buying and selling outdoor and out-of-home (OOH) advertising, formally launched to the public today. AdQuick provides a platform for any individual or business to seamlessly execute self-service outdoor marketing campaigns. For the first time, AdQuick’s platform allows for an integrated campaign management experience from discovery and campaign-building, to execution and analytics. This full-circle technology encourages new types of businesses to enter the OOH marketing space.  

    The AdQuick founding team discovered the need for a streamlined outdoor advertising process after working for companies including Amazon, Instacart, McKinsey and Yammer. The company has already booked campaigns for companies like Orange Theory Fitness, Sensay, Instacart and Ninja Outreach.

    Founder and CEO Matt O’Connor relates, “During our rapid expansion at Instacart, we wanted to buy outdoor ads, but were bogged down in the cumbersome process that took weeks of time and dozens of emails to gather options for campaigns. In the end, advertising dollars were spent in digital marketing because this channel was easier to execute and measure. This shouldn’t be the case.”

    AdQuick intends to disrupt the outdoor advertising space in the same way online travel agencies brought breadth and depth of options to the travel industry. Early AdQuick customers are already noticing the difference. “We booked our campaign with AdQuick in less than five minutes” said Dave Schneider, co-founder of Ninja Outreach.

    Historically, OOH has been one of the most difficult marketing channels to measure. To combat this, AdQuick has built integrated, geo-based analytics that marketers can use to measure the impact of their outdoor advertising spend. “Many companies claim to make buying outdoor similar to digital advertising, but AdQuick is the first to introduce fully self-service online booking and analytics – two of the core benefits of digital advertising.” O’Connor relayed.

    While inventory is limited on AdQuick, the team is constantly adding inventory by working with OOH companies to bring their locations online. In the interim, AdQuick’s ‘campaign request’ feature allows buyers to request inventory anywhere in the US and receive options within 48 hours.

    By creating a simple, transparent platform with beginning-to-end functionality, AdQuick will make buying OOH and outdoor ads the easiest form of advertising to execute. Post-campaign metrics will also bring value by allowing companies to measure the ROI on their outdoor campaigns. By adding self-service tools and attribution metrics, AdQuick is bringing outdoor advertising to the same arena as digital advertising.


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