• Adams + Fairway Outdoor Advertising Chooses STATS for Digital Billboard Displays

    STATS Live Data and Statistics to be Used in Adams’ Out-of-Home Ads.

    CHICAGO – October 1, 2018 –– Today, STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, announced a new agreement with Adams + Fairway Outdoor Advertising to bring live sports information to outdoor digital billboards across the country.

    The agreement will give Adams + Fairway Advertising access to STATS’ live scores and standings data to bolster digital advertising displays. Adams + Fairway Advertising will get full rights to use the live data for all future advertising sales, connecting brand advertising with fast and accurate sports information.

    “By using live and accurate sports data, there are countless opportunities for unique and relevant digital billboard advertising,” said Steve Xeller, Chief Revenue Officer at STATS. “Sports fans are everywhere and they want access to the latest in scores, standings and updates. We are happy to work with Adams to create these new and unique out-of-home experiences that will connect fans with the information they want.”

    Adams + Fairway Outdoor Advertising focuses its advertising in populated areas across the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast United States. By using digital displays, brands and companies can change their advertising in real-time, making the use of sports data a natural fit. Adams’ roster of clients can have their adverting connected to STATS data instantly, keeping consumers connected to the latest in sports information.

    “Sports fans represent a large and passionate consumer base across the country,” said Ed Schulz with Adams + Fairway. “By using STATS data, we can target these fans using live sports updates on our digital billboards, something countless brands are looking to do. It is important that out-of-home advertising stays relevant, and having access to STATS data helps us do that.”

    About STATS

    STATS is the global leader in sports intelligence, operating at the intersection of sports and technology. The world’s most innovative brands, technology companies, leagues and dozens of world championship teams trust STATS to find their winning edge. STATS combines the industry’s fastest and most accurate data platform with video analysis, sports content and research, player tracking, and the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide unparalleled media and team performance solutions. The pioneer of live sports data, STATS continues to speed innovation in the industry with STATS Edge™, the first-ever team performance solution powered by AI. For more information, go to www.stats.com and follow STATS on Twitter @STATS_Insights.


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