• Ad supported public safety building in PA

    The Philly Inquirer writes that Thaddeus Bartkowski’s Catalyst Media wants to build a 10,000 square foot emergency services station for Bensalem Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Catalyst expect to pay for the project with a $1.43 million state grant and advertising on digital signs which will be erected on the site.  The project is located at 2653 Lincoln Highway in Bensalem Township.

    Insider’s take: In the 2017 book The End of Advertising Andrew Essex predicted we would see more infrastructure paid for via advertising.  After selling a previous monument sign company for $80-95 million Bartkowski  wants to expand into financing public use real estate (e.g. a dog park, an outdoor theater, a public safety building) with the costs paid for via advertising.   It might work if at the right locations if the costs can be kept in check.  People usually have unlimited demands when they don’t have to pay for something themselves.  Bartkowski’s project needs a state grant because the town wants a 9 lane firearm range.

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