• A Very Solid Growth Story

    Blue Sky Digital Printing has been on an accelerated growth curve.  Insider visited with Sarah Davis, the Sales Manager of Blue Sky.

    Sarah, we understand Blue Sky Digital Printing has seen some solid growth over the past year?  

    We have doubled in size every year for the past three years. February was a record breaking month in terms of square footage printed and then we ended up breaking the record again in March.

    Do you have a sense for what is driving your rapid growth curve?  

    Our rapid growth is due to our quick turnaround time. Many of our customers refer us to other businesses, because we take care of them and get their vinyl delivered on time. Speed is really the biggest money saver in the printing industry. Not only does it save you money by keeping you from spending hundreds of dollars for expedited shipping to meet posting times, but it also can pay for itself with a quicker post depending on the board rent.

    For example, say your board is renting for $3,000 per month and we save you 3 to 4 days of production time by getting your vinyl to you and ready to post quicker. This allows for the customers to get into billing faster which means you are looking at pocketing $300-$400 dollars more. When we ask our customers why they have chosen us, their answers are “Better pricing and you are fast!” or “We love the product and the quick turnaround.” No matter the answer, there is always a common denominator, speed.

    As an operator I can appreciate the importance of getting vinyl orders quickly, but I also know being quick can lead to errors and delay. 

    We have 4 steps that we use on every order so that we are not only fast, but also accurate. We want our customers to get exactly what they ask for. First, the sales department will look over any order that is placed when it is first placed and throughout its journey making sure we meet deadlines. All notes by customers are emailed to all of the members of the team so that nothing is missed. After this, our system then processes the artwork by adding bleed and pocket; notifying us if it is sized incorrectly based on what the customer has entered. Next, our graphic designer goes into each order before sending it to production making sure that everything is properly entered and fixing anything that is not. Lastly, the men in production look over each order making sure we are ready to roll! Our shipping department also checks each order before it ships to make sure it’s of good quality. We have implemented this system because we feel that being fast is only good if you are accurate.

    So if I want to give your service a try, what do I do?  

    You can call, email or text me! My contact information is below.  First timers get their initial vinyl FREE.


    Sarah Davis

    Sales Manager

    Office: (405)701-8801

    Cell: (580) 279-2236




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