• 9 Tips for Digital Billboard Safety

    Formetco FTX LED Digital Billboard

    Here are 9 tips for digital billboard safety which Insider learned during Formetco’s recent safety conference.

    • Review riser drawings before you service a board.
    • Always assume electrical circuits are hot.
    • Use a lockout/tagout program.
    • If in doubt shut down the entire billboard.
    • Most panels have battery backup.  Make sure all power is off.
    • Use FEMA’s weather app to know when a storm is arriving and you need to get off a structure.
    • Have a plan for rescue.  What happens if someone falls?  Will you assist people off the board or is there a self rescue system?  What are your reporting procedures if something happens?
    • Tether.  Tether.  Tether.  Anything you open, touch or remove can be dropped.
    • Contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

    To learn more about safety contact Jim Poage at Formetco (jimpoage@formetco.com, 678-951-1132).  What digital sign safety tips has Insider missed.  Let Insider know using the following form.

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