• 80’s Nostalgia, Simba’s Return and the Mighty US Women’s Soccer Dynasty

    By Rainbow Kirby, Clear Channel Outdoor.  Reprinted with permission from the Clear Channel Outdoor Blog.

    All they do is WIN, WIN, WIN. Of course, we’re referring to the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Throughout their journey in the 2019 World Cup, powerful imagery of the team clad in bright red jerseys with stoic poses and strong statements displayed prominently on the outdoor canvas. As they continued to knock out competitor after competitor, the vision of their strong legs gliding across the turf, connecting with their teammates and shooting past the goalie will stay with their fans forever. Check out the inspiring out-of-home creative that has recorded history this summer, and more head-turning campaigns that will make your world go upside down.

    Alex Morgan Nike Wall in New York

    Nike World Cup Digital Times Square Billboard

    Nike USWNT Times Squre Billboard

    USWNT Digital Billboard in Times Square

    Speaking of history, if you’re seeking 80s nostalgia coupled with paranormal activity, an amalgam of a monster, those strange kids, the even stranger grownups—the upside down is back, watch Season 3 on Netflix. One Summer Can Change Everything.

    Stranger Things Los Angeles Billboard


    Netflix Stranger Things Times Square Billboard

    More summertime magic has reappeared after 25 years (has it been soooo long?!) with Simba returning to the main screen in the Lion King. Do you remember who you were with when you saw the original? You may have cried as a a youngster when Scar told Simba to “Run away…and never return,” and it’s OK to cry as an adult, too (even in front of your kids).

    See how Clear Channel used digital out-of-home to boost brand awareness for the King’s return in this national campaign that appeared in 27 markets:

    Far from home and not to be outdone, Spider-Man is lighting up Sunset Boulevard when the sun goes down with this creative:

    Spider-Man Nighttime Billboard

    Here are more creative head-turners featuring Hagrid’s Magical Creatures, Señorita, The Horse’s Mouth and the looooongest lasting roll ever—from Charmin:

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