• 6 Billboards Outside Rye Patch

    Last week Insider wrote about Marquee Media’s three billboard Burma Shave campaign for the Sacramento Kings.  The article generated this note from Stott Outdoor’s General Manager Jim Moravec.

    “Myself and my sales staff were just discussing the recent articles you have posted on variations of the Burma Shave concept.  I was encouraged to send you the attached and as long as sales people are selling I do as I am told.  ?  While not nearly as sexy as the Sacramento Kings, the Rye Patch Truck Stop has six in a row west bound on I-80 in Nevada.  I have not seen more than six in many years.  So many years that I would be willing to donate $500 dollars to FOARE in the name of anyone that can provide a current picture of seven in a row.”

    Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is Jim.  Insider will join you in donating $500 to the OAAA’s FOARE (Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education) if anyone produces a picture of a contemporary billboard campaign which runs on 7 billboards in a row.  Send the picture to billboardinsider@gmail.com

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