• 50% of AdWeek’s Top 2017 Campaigns are OOH

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    Last month AdWeek released its anticipated Top Best Ads of 2017, focusing on creativity and effectiveness. Five out of the 10 included large OOH components.

    10) Halo Top “Eat the Ice Cream” 
    Halo Top, the ice cream produced this grimly amusing, Kubrick-esque robot apocalypse spot, directed by YouTuber Mike Diva. The scene of an elderly prisoner being force-fed ice cream by a bot overlord, as a kind of postwar olive branch, was at once horrifying and hilarious—the perfect primer for horror-movie audiences who saw it before screenings of It, among other films. Watch the spot here (797k views on YouTube).

    7) Heinz “Pass the Heinz” Walls, Billboards
    During AMC’s Mad Men, Don Draper presented a campaign for Heinz ketchup that didn’t show the product at all—just close-up images of food practically begging for ketchup. “Pass the Heinz,” said the headline. Heinz rejected Don’s ads on the show, but Heinz’s agency today convinced the client to run them exactly as Draper had envisioned them.

    5) The New York Times “The Truth” Multiple OOH formats
    In a year of taunts about fake news, journalists memorably advertised their search for the truth. The New York Times revealed the difficulty and value of finding the truth in its Truth campaign, featured on multiple OOH formats, including billboards, bus shelters, and transit.

    3) Instagram “Stories are Everywhere” Multiple OOH formats
    This global OOH campaign was inspired by how creative Instagram users can be with a few digital stickers, brushes, live video. All content posted was homemade, easily replicated with a smartphone and the Instagram app.

    1) State Street Global Advisors “Fearless Girl” Place-Based
    The bronze sculpture, crafted by Kristen Visbal, dropped in New York’s Bowling Green Park before dawn on March 7. Facing the famous Charging Bull, she was meant to embody female leadership in business, which SSGA supports by investing in firms with women leaders through its SHE fund. Fearless Girl became a tourist attraction and an inspiring ad creation, winning top prizes at almost every show, including a well-deserved four Grand Prix (and 18 total Lions) at Cannes.

    “What we make is so ephemeral. To make something that might be around for a while is so gratifying,” senior art director Lizzie Wilson told Adweek shortly after the statue’s debut.



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