• 3 Myths About Programmatic Out of Home

    Jonathan Gudai, CEO

    On this week’s Billboard Insider podcast Jonathan Gudai described the three myths surrounding programmatic out of home.

    Myths about programmatic out of home.

    Number one, programmatic should be looked at by the media owners as an extension of their business.  I think for a very long time it was viewed as a competitive sales channel and as something which could be more of a risk.

    The number two myth is…this fear of racing to the bottom because so much supply and not as much demand and so the price ends up going down…With us media owners set the price…and they can change the price any time they want…There’s that scarcity angle that we have that ought to be able to maintain prices and in the next few years we actually see prices going up on digital out of home….

    The last one would be just how easy it is to execute.  There are now more ways to buy programmatically out of home than there ever has been…it is easy, you just need to get an account set up with one of the platforms.

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