• Why Insider joined OAAA and why you should too.

    oaaa-membershipCircle City Outdoor, the owner of the Billboard Insider website, operates a small outdoor advertising plant in Indiana and Iowa. We watch every penny.   We are an operator associate of the IBOUSA.  Last month we also joined the OAAA for three reasons.

    Advocacy. No one does a better job advocating the industry’s point of view in Washington DC and before state and local regulators. OAAA was instrumental in securing the recent digital sign court victory in the Washington DC Court of Appeals. OAAA provides a critical resource in managing state and local regulatory issues.

    Information.  OAAA provides a wealth of information which helps operators to become better. Two recent examples which come to mind were the OAAA Safety Seminar in September and the OAAA Digital Billboard Security Webinar in July. Many of the stories which Insider has written have come out of the Seminars. OAAA provides a monthly legal briefing to members and is running a legal webinar on October 14. The OAAA has also developed a media locator which allows you to search a CBSA or DMA by format to find out of home media. The locator has over 9,000 unique views since it was launched in April 2016.

    Value. OAAA dues have been an issue for Circle City Outdoor in the past. The OAAA has changed the dues structure to make a membership more compelling especially for small operators. You are also allowed to pay your dues monthly in order to even out cash flow. Insider’s monthly OAAA dues cost about as much as his monthly quickbooks subscription.

    If you wish to learn more about the benefits of OAAA contact Marci Werlinich at mwerlinich@oaaa.org.



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