• White Plains renews Clear Channel Outdoor Digital Deal

    Lohud reports that the White Plains County council has approved a new five year deal with Clear Channel Outdoor.  Here are the details:

    • Clear Channel is providing 15 digital displays throught the city’s municipal parking system. for the city since 2009.
    • Lease payments will  be the greater of 35% of revenues with a minimum of $30,000.
    •  Clear Channel Outdoor will also provide the city free postings to promote city programs and initiatives.
    • The agreement is for 5 years with a 5 year renewal option.
    • You can read the text of the ordinance in the council’s meeting minutes.

    Insider’s take:  35% is a pretty steep fee for a digital billboard landlord.  It doesn’t allow much room to recover sign costs and make a profit over a 10 year life.  Let’s hope the fee is 35% of net (revenues less operating costs including sign replacement reserve), not 35% of gross.

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