• Collvins on what to do when you’ve won the business.

    Debbie Collvins, Graphic Design, Billboards, Etc. Inc.

    Billboard Insider reader Claude Dicks has asked for an article about the process which makes sure that your sales reps are communicating well with the client and graphic designer.  Insider asked Debbie Collvins, Graphic Designer, Billboards, Etc. for her thoughts.  You can reach Debbie at debbie@billboardsetcinc.com.

    What common mistakes to billboard companies and clients make when dealing with a billboard designer.  

    Too much information! The rule of thumb for billboards is 6-8 words or less. It can be difficult to convey this to a client sometimes. From their perspective, they are trying to get their money’s worth by including all of the information they want the target audience to know. The more you add, the smaller that information must be to fit on the allotted space, and the harder your billboard will be to read… reducing the effectiveness of the dollars you are investing.
    What should be the key questions asked to a client concerning billboard art work and creative?
    I ask clients to list their Must Haves according to importance, then to identify their biggest call-to-action. Do they hope to drive potential clients to call them on the phone? Visit their website? Drop by in person?
    What are the best ways for the sales person to take that info and pass it to the graphic designer. 
    Being a Graphic Designer, I’m a visual person.   A tidy email relaying:
    • The billboard’s size.
    • List of requested information from most important to least important.
    • Any necessary branding Pantone colors
    • Attach all logos and photos in high resolution.
    This is a great way to get started! Having all of the necessary information up front will be a huge time and money saver in the end.
    Insider will have Greg Callaham of Greg Callaham Graphic Design and Melody Roberts of Out of Home Creative share their thoughts on what to do after you’ve won the business in future posts.
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