• Waterloo Considering Ads On City Vehicles

    A Waterloo, Iowa Councilman is promoting selling advertising space on city vehicles as a new revenue source for the city of 68,000. The Courier reports that Councilman Ron Welper is behind the idea and projects that the city could generate $100,000 annually for the city budget.

    Initial planning has included city staff and a local advertising agency.  The concept would be to place an 8 by 11 inch ad on the back of police vehicles, fire and garbage trucks.

    The City Police Chief has weighed in saying neither he nor his officers were in favor of putting ads on patrol cars.  Interestingly, the initial test is on the back of a police patrol SUV.

    Welper is leaving office in December about serving 4 terms. He has offered to continue working on the advertising program if the council chooses to adopt the program.

    Insider’s take:  Hard to imagine meaningful revenues being generated by 8″ by 11″ inch ads on a vehicle.  Noone will see them. Taxitop ads are 48″ by 14″.  Taxi Trunk ads are 36″ by 14″.  Truckside ads even bigger.



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