• Warren Brown asks “What Can I Take Out?”

    Warren Brown is a creative partner at Gutthink and Partners and has represented Australia at Cannes.  In his Open3 interview, Brown says that what you leave out is more important than what you put in:

    “OOH trains you to constantly ask yourself, “What can I take out?”  It’s what you leave out rather than put in that will make an idea great.

    I love the iPhone 6 poster campaign that is simply a stunning shot with the words, “Shot on iPhone 6″… Nothing about hi-tech features, battery life etc.; just a reminder that the thingy that connects you to the world and contains most of your life is also brilliant at capturing emotions and the beauty of the world we live in.  Who’s not going to love that?”

    The Open3 book was published by the Outdoor Media Association of Australia, Out of Home Marketing Association of Canada, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Outsmart UK and the Federation European Publicite Exterieur.  OAAA has some copies available for free plus shipping.  Contact Nancy Fletcher (Nfletcher@oaaa.org) if you’re interested.  You can read the entire Open3 book online at this link.

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