• Want To Play Billboards?

    Digital Journal is reporting about something new to do on those long family road trip vacations.  Overcomer Games LLC has created a new interactive travel game called Billboards to while away those long hours on the road.

    Billboards is designed around the need to entertain ourselves during long trips in a vehicle; while, staying engaged with the environment. The game uses the signs you see all around you during travel on billboards, trucks, business, and road signs to complete one of the five competitive or cooperative games.

    You can learn more about the new game on their website.  Might make a fun giveaway for customers.

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    One Comment

    1. Thank you so much Mr. Weller for publishing this story about our new Billboards Game! We really appreciate it. We love playing the game and we are working to get it out there for everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Our kids inspired and helped develop the game, and they are ecstatic at the possibility of sharing it with others.

      Again thanks for publishing the story,
      William Camp