• Texas Transportation Commission Against Removing Billboard Height Restrictions.

    Insider has learned that the Texas Transportation Commission voted 3 to 2 at an August 31, 2017 meeting to eliminate a proposed change by TxDOT to the state’s billboard regulations which would have removed the 42.5′ height standards for new and relocated billboards.  A 42.5′ height limit will be formally published for public comment in the Texas Register.  The public comment period will run from September 15, to October 16, 2017.

    Commissioners Austin and Bugg appear set in their opposition to a change in billboard heights, currently limited to 42.5′.  Commissioners Vandergriff and Lewis voted in favor of maintaining TxDOT’s proposal to eliminate any standard on billboard heights.  Commissioner Ryan voted to retain the 42.5′ height limit but voiced the need for compromise and balancing which suggests she may be willing to reconsider the issue.

    Insider recommends that billboard companies, landowners and advertisers send letters and emails supporting the height change during the public comment period.  Billboard companies can learn more about the issue by contacting Richard Rothfelder of Rothfelder and Falick (rrothfelder@rothfelderfalick.com or 713-220-2288).

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