• Selling The Benefits of Real Time Display

    Wingate Media does a monthly newsletter for clients.  This month’s Wingate newsletter talks about how clients can take advantage of real dime data.   Insider likes this approach to educating clients about what digital can do for them. Great job Ike!  We’ve reprinted the article below.

    The Wingate Letter – July

    New RTD Digital Billboard Technology

    Real Time Data (RTD) available at zero additional charge

    We have a new digital feature we wanted to share with you…

    Wingate Media now offers Real Time Display (RTD) Templates.  This technology gives our clients the ability to update the content featured in their digital billboard ad in real time, as frequently as they like, straight from their own computer screen!

    Much like doing a Facebook post, you simply log on to our website, upload your photo, type your text in the appropriate field and publish. Best of all- this feature is available to our digital billboard clients at zero extra charge!

    Perfect for: Instagram Photos, Frequently Changing Inventory, Vehicles, Real Estate Listings, Special Offers, Wait Times, Temperature, & More…

    Here’s how the RTD Templates work:

    1) We design a template RTD for you:

    2) You upload & publish your content via the web & your digital ad is updated in real time:

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