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Circle Graphics on Eco-Friendly Vinyl

In March, Insider ran a post questioning the benefits of eco-friendly vinyl.  Circle Graphics asked Insider for an opportunity to present the benefits of eco-friendly vinyl. “We have been partnering with some of the largest companies in the world to perfect eco products.  We have been in the eco-business for 10 years and Eco-Flexx 3.0 is the latest iteration – there are some incredible benefits that are comparable and even in some instances outweigh vinyl,” said Andrew Cousin, CEO, Circle […]

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The Problem With Eco-Vinyl

Insider recently bought some billboards in Indianapolis.  They used lightweight eco-vinyl.  Yesterday there was a big windstorm and look what happened.  One vinyl ripped and fell off.  The other vinyls are wrinkled. Insider is going to stick with 7 oz regular vinyl in the future.   Insider asked some operators what they think of eco-vinyl. Chris Cowlbeck, Look Outdoor: ” I don’t care for it.  When it blows, it rips and blows off.  In Oklahoma we get winds up to 20 […]

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