• Starksville Wants to Eliminate Billboards

    The city of Starkville, MS is taking aim at billboards through a new ordinance that the city hopes would lead to the eventual elimination of the signs within the city.  The Dispatch reports of a proposed change to the city’s sign ordinance. A revised ordinance would classify billboards into two categories. Class 1 signs would be those located alongside state highways.  All other signs would be designated as Class 2.  No matter where a board is located all boards would be designated as non-conforming with an eventual goal of eliminating all signs.

    There also currently is a moratorium on new builds in place, but the city does seem to understand that their goal will not be so easily reached and hopes their position will make sign companies more cooperative with them.

    Lamar Advertising was present at last week’s meeting and hope to work with the city as they move through the process.  The city mayor also indicated her desire to have more cooperation from the billboard companies.

    Insider’s take – It seems the city appreciates the distinction of highway signs and may initially be more focused on their Class 2 signs.  To declare all signs as non-conforming is an interesting approach which probably won’t get much traction.  As always, the best result is to work cooperatively with all the interested parties.  We will continue to monitor the process as it moves forward.



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