• Seth Rogan Talks about a billboard on the Golden Globes

    Seth Rogan talked about the power of OOH at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.  Here’s what he said about a billboard he saw on Highland Boulevard in  2003 for movie called “The Room”:

    “…it was The Room and it has this strange billboard.  And there here was no studio.  And there was no distributor.  There was just like this guy’s head on it.  And for some reason his phone number was on the billboard…And if you called the number it was him.  The writer, director, star of the movie.  And if you were lucky enough to call the number and go see the movie as I did back then what you were treated to was something that was so bad…”

    Insider’s take:  Out of home works.  Not a surprise that HBO, Warner Bros Pictures and Universal Pictures are big OOH Advertisers.  Out of home drives attendance.

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