• Regulatory Roundup – October 27th

    Revere, MA is setting up a subcommittee to review the city ordinances for billboards. The Revere Journal reports that with a current moratorium on billboards expiring March 5, 2018, the committee hopes to have reviewed and tightened up the current ordinances by that date.The current ordinance allows billboards by special permit granted by the City Council in several of the city’s zoning districts. Some of the districts abut residential properties. There have been no new billboards erected in the last year because of the moratorium.  The subcommittee will include the city solicitor, a representative of the Revere Beautification Committee, councillors and anyone else interested in being part of the process.


    This marijuana billboard in Washington State.

    KRQE news reports that the first billboard for medical marijuana has been erected in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  New Mexico is one of 29 states that have removed criminal penalties for medical use of marijuana.  As of Feb 2017 there were 53 licensed non profit producers in New Mexico and 5,575 active personal production licenses.

    Insider’s take: expect to see detailed restrictions on where marijuana advertising can occur.  California, Oregon and Washington placed strict conditions on the location and content of marijuana billboards after loosening their prohibitions.


    The Utah Supreme Court has sided with Salt Lake City in a lawsuit over billboards leading into the city as reported by Fox 13.  In a ruling handed down late Tuesday, the court ruled against Outfront Media. Outfront had sued Salt Lake City  over a decision to deny them the chance to relocate a billboard along I-15. In the ruling, Chief Justice Matthew Durrant said the decision to reject the relocation request in order to reduce the amount of billboards along gateways into the city was within its authority.  You can read the Utah Supreme Court Decision here.


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